by helping a village,
by helping a family

A craft can make an impact.

By purchasing arts and crafts from us, we are able to work with village leaders in developing to empower our artists and their families in establishing sustainable employment.

Creating Employment

Giving Opportunities


Their Stories

A wonderful story of sacrifice: Prior to Covid, Pastor Rambo would collect rubbish for recycling earning $5 a day. $2.50 went to provide
for his family needs and the other $2.50 was spent buying a few bricks for their church/community building.

Pastor Khuon Rambo

Rong Chrey Village
Population: 3,500

Pastor Khuon Rambo looks after the welfare of 10 families in the community.

Pastor Samneang

Preah Ponlear Village
Population: 3,000

Pastor Samneang mentors and encourages 7 community leaders from nearby villages.

Granting Sponsorship

Around the World for You will give sponsorship grants
to both of the abovePastors & Villages to produce income-generating
projects related to the production of arts and crafts for export to NZ.

Past Accomplishments

Working with Discovery Christian Centre, Hamilton and local Cambodians

A woman with a "Leaky house" solved with a $70 roof replacement.

Helping to build a chicken house ($1,000) providing a reliable long term income for a struggling family.

Kimsa Heng, now lives in New Zealand but has weekly contacts with key leaders from 8 villages.

Every purchase from
Around The World For You
supports a local family in need.